Pampered Pooch offer best grooming service for your Dog.

Whatever cut or style you have in mind for pooch, we are here to help and advise. If you are still a bit unsure about a particular groom for your Dog please do not be afraid to ask as we undertake to give your Dog exactly what you want. We list our main services here and a price guide for popular breeds. We welcome all breeds of Dog. Our clients come back to us time and time again, happy in the knowledge that their Dog is looked after and groomed to a high standard.

Dog grooming services with price guide

Full Groom and Bath

Your dog will be bathed in high quality shampoo and conditioner suited for each individual dog. If you have a prescription shampoo or one of your own you would prefer us to use please feel free to bring it with you. Your dog will then be will then be hand dried and groomed. Any clipping and or scissoring will then be done to your specific requirements. We also provide a hand stripping option. If required, claws will be clipped, ears plucked and cleaned and anal glands emptied then to finish off, a spritz of doggy perfume.

Breed Prices
Bichon Frise £36
Border Terrier £30
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Scissored Tidy Trim - £30
Cocker Poo - small £30
Cocker Poo - medium £35
Cocker Poo - large £40
Cocker Spaniel

Scissored Tidy Trim - £30
English Springer Spaniel

Scissored Tidy Trim - £30
Fox Terrier £35
Lhasa Apso £38
Poodle - Toy £35
Poodle – Miniature £40
Poodle – Standard £50
Shih Tzu £36
West Highland Terrier £35
Welsh Terrier £35
Yorkshire Terrier £30
Handstripping supplement + £10

Bath and Brush

Your dog will be bathed and hand dried including removal of any dead hair. Claws, ears and anal glands will be done and a dash of doggy perfume.

Short Hair Long Hair
Small £15 £20
Medium £20 £25
Large £25 £35
Extra Large £35 £40

Puppy Trim

Very popular with puppies for their first trim and as an introduction to grooming. Fur around the eyes will be cleared and fringe will be trimmed, plus any shaping if required.

* Price- £10 less than Full Groom Breed Price *

We also provide these additional services which prove invaluable in keeping your dog in tip top condition.

Please do not hesitate to ask about any of our services or about the products that we use

Kind words from our clients

My Golden Retriever always has a very nice bath and brush here and he loves coming. Silky smooth when I pick him up.

Louise Mirja Sequerra Danielsson, Aug 2017

oday was our puppy's first proper cut and groom. Indie really enjoyed herself, she's arrived home looking unrecognisable from the scruffy pup that I left this morning. She looks and smells amazing, she's had a great time. Many thanks to the fantastic staff who make this such a lovely place

Joanne Lewis, Oct 2018

our team

Image of Charlotte Grooming manager
Charlotte Wright
Grooming Manager

Charlotte started at Pampered Pooch in June 2017 and has been dog grooming since September 2016. Charlotte's passion for grooming stemmed from her time at Derby College. She studied a FD in Animal Care and a ND in Animal Management, which led onto her completing a FSc Degree in Agriculture.

Charlotte learnt to groom through volunteering at a local home based groomers which eventually landed her a full time job in the industry. Her grooms are completed to a very high standard and she treats all the dogs like they are her own.

Charlottes love and care for animals, large or small, domestic or livestock, is her passion in life! Bo her Springer Spaniel, is her sidekick and goes everywhere with her, including to Pampered Pooch! Your dog will be very well looked after in Charlotte's care.

Image of Sharna Trainee Groomer
Sharna Nadin
Trainee Groomer

Sharna started at Pampered Pooch back in 2013 as an apprentice and gained her level 2 in Animal Husbandry and Grooming.

She currently baths , dries and preps the dogs ready to be groomed or does bath and brush ups for dogs having a mini groom!

Sharna is very talented and can make even the muddiest pooch super clean and soft! She is now undergoing training to become a stylist and will make a great fully qualified groomer!

Sharna's love for animals extends outside of work. She has 2 Patterdales, a Jack Russell, a cat, a Cob Pony and a Shetland Pony- so she is a busy lady! Her pets come before anything and your pet will be taken into as much care as her own.

image of Becca groomer
Becca Jubb

Bio to follow...